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  • Adventures of Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures

    April 23, 2010 6 min read

    The Adventures of Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures (DVD Review)Our love and admiration for Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures is no secret here on Why So Blu (see our other stories here, here and here).  After all, any friend of Rob Zombie is a friend of ours.  Last week, we broke a very exciting and insightful interview here on the site with Captain Clegg’s go go dancer Mistress Clegg (see here).  So why would we depart from the Clegg train now?  The answer is we WON’T. Join me today in taking an in-depth look at their newest release…the DVD Adventures of Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures.  Special thanks to the Captain, Mistress Clegg and to Stag Records for hooking us up with a review copy of the DVD.  So what do you say?  Shall we get this train chugging along, eh?

    I would like to begin this review by making the following disclaimer.  This is probably the 1st DVD ever that I did not mind not only viewing, but also reviewing too.  I didn’t even think twice about having to break my Blu-ray only mindset.  This is Captain Clegg after all!  Everything about the DVD’s gritty look screams rock’n’roll and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I’m typically stuck with the cliché review format of discussing the film, rating the A/V presentation, recapping the special features and recommending a buy or not.  Not this time.  Not here!  I’m going to give it to you straight and raw, Louisiana style (I’m not sure that made sense, but I figured the Captain would chuckle…maybe).  My promise to you is that after reading the following there should be absolutely no doubt about what’s in store for you when you head over to Captain Clegg’s website and grab your own copy in a few moments.

    The Adventures of Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures is the ultimate documentary of the band straight from the road on Rob Zombie’s ‘Hellbilly Deluxe II’ tour last year.  I promise you.  You won’t see this footage anywhere else.  There are surprise guests, live performances, backstage antics, exclusive interviews and much more!  Let’s get started, but before we do, how about a quick trailer to set the mood and whet your appetite?  Yeah.  I like the sound of that!  In the famous growling words of Korn’s Jonathan Davis, “Are you ready?”

    Upon the disc’s insertion into your DVD player a simple menu with the following choices greets you: the main feature, scene selections and the “Zombie A Go Go” music video.  I admit that I first chose to watch the “Zombie A Go Go” music video.  Why?  Because I love that song!  And after all, I’m the one writing this review so I can do anything I want.  But seriously, for a DVD, I was very impressed by the presentation of the music video.  It looked like it was ripped straight from a HD source.  I have been so used to seeing this on a little web browser window that it was a much-welcomed surprise to see this included on the disc.  Thanks Captain!

    Captain Clegg

    So after jamming to my favorite zombie tune I selected the main feature.  In one of the disc’s earlier moments, Captain Clegg (Jesse Dayton) discusses the origins of the band and how Rob Zombie initially made the first contact.  Rob…my number is 440-555-5555.  My skills are music, writing, filmmaking, marketing, leadership and more.  I am available day, nights, weekends and all major holidays.  Anyway, Rob told the Captain that he wanted them in Halloween II and asked if he was interested.  The Captain said he thinks he could be available (facetious of course).  Rob and his wife came to see them play in LA.  The rest is Phantom Jammer history.  Between the interview footage viewers are treated to a live performance of “Castin My Spell” in San Jose.  Rob was responsible for giving Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures their name and musical direction.  The Captain and Rob discussed how they wanted a Sonics with Johnny Cash kind of sound.  After the very first studio cut of the CD, Rob was instantly pleased with the results, and no changes were therefore requested and/or made on Clegg’s behalf.  The results were the CD release of Rob Zombie Presents: Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures.

    Lord Victor Ward

    Next we move on to my favorite city in the United States, Las Vegas.  God, how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall here.  The October 30th show last year was called the Halloween Spooktacular and Fangoria magazine was on the scene celebrating their 30th anniversary.  It’s here that the Captain discusses his early musical interests and how he grew up on the Louisiana/Texas border.  One of his favorite albums was listed as an early Misfits record that features Danzig.  Viewers are then able to take in a live performance of my second favorite Captain Clegg song, “Transylvania Terror Train.”  A quick conversation with bass player Lord Victor Ward also transpires here.

    Baron Lansing Wounds

    And then it’s on to a sound check rehearsal in Tulsa.  Clegg discusses his increasing fan base and owes all his thanks to Rob.  He has a pretty funny quote here that I am going to screw up, but the Captain said something like (I’m paraphrasing here) “When you can get everyone in the heavy metal crowd to give you the middle finger and you’re playing twang, then you know you achieved something.”  And next we move on to one of Captain Clegg’s main attractions, Mistress Clegg, as we are treated to her hypnotic go go dancing in a live performance of “Headless Hip Shakin’ Honey.”  Finally in Tulsa, a quick conversation is to be had with drummer Baron Lansing Wounds.

    Mr. Black

    Next, we are off to another sunny favorite of mine, Anaheim.  Yea!  The Captain loves to meet with his fans and it shows as he takes time out of his busy schedule to meet and greet them all.  The Captain refers to himself as artistic kind of guy.  He gives an amusing analogy of how he can’t play baseball for sh#t, but he can sure play the guitar.  Don’t worry Jesse, I know the feeling all too well.  Here’s where it gets very interesting from a musical history point of view.  While the Captain hints about his involvement in the early Austin film scene, he relishes in the fact, and rightfully so, that he has not only played side-by-side with Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, but also the legendary Johnny Cash.  What metal head out there can deny the uber coolness of that?  He’s the reason we all dress in black, right?  I’ll have to check out the Waylon Jennings album Right For the Time, as Jesse plays on that one.  Also, something really cool happens here within this documentary.  A live performance of “Zombie A Go Go,” my favorite Clegg track, is dedicated to the zombie master himself, Mr. George Romero.  We also get treated to a live performance of “Hollywood Babylon” before moving onto a quick discussion with steel pedal guitarist Mr. Black.

    Mistress CleggNext up…it’s a sound check in the legendary city where dreams are made in Hollywood.  We even get to hear the Cleggster singing a Willie Nelson song.  He also dishes on his worst job ever.  I’ll leave that one for you to listen to.  I can’t tell you everything after all.  Let’s just say the Captain accomplished the task where all the others miserably failed.  Before moving on to the great city of Austin, Mistress Clegg is showcased real briefly and we even get to see a backstage look at Captain Clegg changing his guitar strings before the show.  Ah.  I fondly remember those days.  But you want to know what my favorite part of the DVD was?  Good.  Because like it or not I was going to tell you anyway.  It’s when we meet an older gentleman by the name of Roky Erickson.  If you don’t know whom this legendary man is, then look him up!  He sang with Clegg on stage that night.  They did a rendition of “I Walked With A Zombie.”  I had this song stuck in my head for days.  I mean there’s this elder man on stage and I was like WTF, until I heard him belt out the lyrics.  It was beautiful.  Yes, I said beautiful!

    Mistress Clegg with Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures

    So if you made it this far, then what are you waiting for?  Head on over to www.captainclegg.com or www.jessedayton.com right now and get your DVD of The Adventures of Captain Clegg and the Night Creaturesnow!  All you have to do is buy a t-shirt or a CD and the DVD is yours free!  That sounds like an offer to good to pass up.  Hurry and get yours today!

    Click Here to Pick up The Adventures of Captain Clegg on DVD



    Much respect and admiration.  – Brian White


    Get your DVD of The Adventures of Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures today!


    Thanks to Mirak of Mezgarth Photography for providing the above images taken during our attendance of “The Hellbilly Deluxe II” tour stop in Detroit, MI last year.



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