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  • An Enchanted Conversation with Mistress Clegg

    April 16, 2010 9 min read

    An Enchanted Conversation with Mistress CleggEvery once in a blue moon you come across some unlikely artistic pairing that just makes you wonder how the two ended up together.  The funny thing is, these odd combinations can somehow come together and pull it off.  Call it fate, call it the planets being in alignment, or just call it two different forms of talent gelling with one another.  There was Nelly and Tim McGraw, Def Leppard and Taylor Swift, but how about the 1960’s flavor of go-go dancing and the smooth sound of rockabilly?  Don’t laugh.  Entertainer extraordinaire Captain Clegg has melded the sound of his rockabilly band with the high energy go-go dancing of the very beautiful Emily Kaye, better known to you and I as Mistress Clegg.

    The foxy temptress certainly stands out on stage amongst the jamming band who belt out tunes donned in their best grave-digging threads.  Still, their sound and her flare combine for one cohesive piece of artistry that few others (if any) can lay claim to.  Mistress Clegg recently took a break from her schedule to sit down with two of Why So Blu’s writers (Brian White and myself) to give us a glimpse of her thoughts, her work, and what the future holds. – Gregg Senko


    Gregg:  You were born after go-go dancing left the pop culture spotlight.  What drew you to this style of dance?

    Mistress Clegg – My mother was a dancer in Vegas and in Reno.  She worked with Sinatra, Dean Martin and had Marilyn Monroe give her a standing ovation after one of my mother’s numbers. We danced like crazy my entire childhood.  Whenever and wherever we felt like it!  She was also an actress so the theatrics of dancing for me came very naturally. 


    Brian:  We couldn’t help notice how…umm…in shape you are.  What do you do to stay fit in today’s busy world?

    Mistress Clegg – Thanks…I work my ASS off.  I run, swim and bike.  I love triathlons.  I’m also a vegan.  Now if I can just keep Clegg outta the BBQ joints in Texas, all would be good!

     Mistress Clegg in "Zombie A Go Go" Video Shoot

    Gregg: Go-go dancing is still and always will be something that catches everyone’s attention.  Why do you think this is and how did the concept get incorporated into the rockabilly style of Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures?

    Mistress Clegg – Clegg and I are huge fans of Russ Meyers’ films.  Tura Satana is a huge inspiration to me, as is Satan’s Angel.  Neither of these babes were into pin-up, girlie stuff.  They were all sex and VERY powerful characters.  Clegg and I wanted to create a character that was different from the same old tired 50’s pin-up chick image.


    Brian:  Are there any plans for another Captain Clegg record/tour or was this last tour we saw just a one-time shot to tie in with your band’s work with Rob Zombie and the production of Halloween II?

    Mistress Clegg – I can safely say there will be a follow up to the Clegg record.  He’s writing a record called “Ghost Soldiers” and the concept was inspired by civil war era ghost stories.  Clegg’s a voracious reader and finds inspiration from some really interesting and obscure people and places.  As far as touring goes, time will tell.  But we’re way into it.

    Mistress Clegg with Captain Clegg 

    Brian:  Great!  I’m looking forward to the new recording!  Speaking of Halloween II.  I have only seen it twice, but it’s been so long ago since my last viewing.  I remember the movie featuring a total of like 5 Clegg songs throughout.  I also remember there being two Go-go dancers on the stage during the “Translyvania Terrror Train” song.  Were you one of them?

    Mistress Clegg – The dancers were strippers from the Atlanta area.  Nice boobies right?  I was busy making shit happen in Austin!  Besides, I don’t do nudes unless it’s Playboy or for Clegg J.


    Brian:  Gotcha!  Also, I just read on Jesse Dayton’s Facebook page and also on the Clegg one that the 1-hour documentary of the road show with Rob Zombie has been completed and pressed.  Can you tell us any details about this documentary?

    Mistress Clegg – It’s more fun than a documentary should be.  It’s a backstage pass for all Phantom Jammers into the world of a big arena rock tour with tons of live footage, backstage interviews, and cameos by rock stars! 

    Mistress Clegg on Stage 

    Brian:  I can’t wait to check that documentary out.  Now speaking of Rob Zombie, I am just curious of the following because I idolize the man.  His beliefs are our website’s core values.  His love, passion and contributions to the world of music, movies, comics and now TV have motivated me to become all I can in life.  What was it like working with the man?  I met him a few times and I have my own favorable opinion of him, but what is yours?  Is he as friendly and lovable behind the scenes as he is when he is greeting and talking to his fans? 

    Mistress Clegg – Rob is a genius.  He’s fearless, completely focused, and tenacious and has a never-ending stream of ideas.  His work ethic is insane and I was totally inspired by his whole persona.  He treated Clegg and I so unbelievably well.  As did his entire band and road crew.  It doesn’t get any bigger does it?  And I had NO expectations.  I just wanted to show up do my job. 

    Rob and Clegg have a special creative partnership, which is really unique.  I can’t wait for their next collaboration because Clegg just explodes creatively which is great for me as his partner

    You know that Rob actually came up with the name Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures?  Clegg and I came up with Mistress Clegg…


    Gregg:  Rumor has it you are also an actress.  What kind of work have you done and how do you find time to split a focus on that and your time with the band?

    Mistress Clegg – I am an actress and have been working consistently since 2002.  One of the first more recognizable gigs I had was in Sin City.  I was one of the Old Town Girls, which was so great.  I spent a lot of time with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.  And they both taught me a lot.  Under my belt right now I have 5 national commercials, a slew of great indie films and on April 21st I will be in the TV show In Plain Sight on the USA Network, as the character named Lindsey Dennis.

     Emily Kaye (Old Town Girl) with Patricia Vonne in 'Sin City'

    Brian:  Now I have 2 reasons to watch Sin City!  I’m going to need to pull out that Sin City Blu-ray again this weekend.  By the way, I could not help noticing your new photo shoot you just did.  If you are ever in Northeast Ohio you have to look us up.  We work with one of the nation’s best photographers, Scott Morrison.  How did you get involved with modeling?

    Mistress Clegg – I would LOVE to work with Scott Morrison! HAHA!  I’m 6’ tall, started modeling before I could wear high heels   Traveled to Japan, etc…  I grew up in Hawaii and had legs like a giraffe.  In fact, that was my nickname in middle school.  Kids are SO mean.  Anyway, growing up with a beautiful actress as a mother, I naturally gravitated towards the arts.  I was born a ham.  I love to flirt with the camera!


    Gregg: What type of music does the Mistress listen to when she’s off the stage and on her own time?

    Mistress Clegg – I like this question!  I’m proud to say I’m a metal head.  I freaked out like a little girl at an Iron Maiden concert last summer.  Totally lost my shit and danced around like a freak show.  My favorite record right now is the new Mastodon.  Of course I listen to everything Clegg does because I’m usually right there when he writes it.  He’s an amazing writer who is surrounded by other amazing writers/ artists.  I’m not limited in my scope of what I listen to by any means: 60’s soul, Hawaiian music, be-bop, reggae/ dancehall, punk rock. 

    Mistress Clegg Doing Her Thing! 

    Gregg:  Through an email conversation with Brian you mentioned that you had a lot of good things cooking.  What is next on your list of accomplishments?

    Mistress Clegg – I will be in the new movie Clegg is writing and co-directing called “Zombex”.  I’m the lead female character and we’ll be shooting the majority of the film in New Orleans- one of our very favorite cities in the world.  There are a lot of great actors and musicians who are stepping up for the project.  It’s so encouraging!  Also, I have modeling gigs and a smaller film I’m about to start working on as well.  Idle hands are the devil’s playground.  If I’m not busy I’m depressed.


    Brian:  This is always the million-dollar question.  We have asked this of Zombie and also of Jesse Dayton (aka Captain Clegg).  But everyone’s response is always unique and inspiration in their own little way.  What motivated and inspired you to be the person you are?  Many people live their lives just dreaming with never even attempting to achieve those dreams.  How are you different?  What made you successful in life?  Your philosophy towards life? 

    Mistress Clegg – When I first met Clegg I was working in the music business.  I had worked at a major label and signed a band called Monster Magnet.  Then I moved on to build a label called Timebomb Recordings.  Our first releases were re-mastered Social Distortion records.  After that I started getting involved in film and music supervision.  I then started a company called The Chop Shop Music Supervision with my former partner.  Being entrepreneurial is a huge part of who I am.  My mother was this way as well.  Obviously she had a huge impact on me.  My father was out of the picture at a very early age.  So in order to survive, fear of failure was not an option. 

    I came to Austin, TX with Clegg and immediately fell into the theater scene.  I co-produced and starred in the Russian classic play “The Master and Marguerita”.  It got great reviews and then I got an agent.  I’ve never looked back on having a day job since then.  That was a HUGE leap of faith knowing I was giving up a certain amount of security, for art.  There have been many sleepless nights, but nothing compares to the freedom I have in my life to be creative, and work on whatever projects I choose. 

    Life is very short.  Do whatever makes you happy and have no regrets!

     Mistress Clegg with Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures

    Brian:  Amen.  Is there anything else you wanted to let your fans know about you or better yet, ever wanted to try in life that you have not yet?

    Mistress Clegg – I do hope at some point soon to hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.  I really want to do that.  Also, spend a long period of time in Europe with Clegg finding inspiration for new projects.


    Brian:  Well Mistress Clegg… It was a pleasure.  Thanks so much for chatting with us!  We’ll hopefully see you on the road again soon! 

    Mistress Clegg

    Well there you have it folks.  Much like our previous interviews with Rob Zombie and Captain Clegg, Mistress Clegg is another inspiration to us all.  All three of these artists have something very special in common.  They were not afraid to go after, chase and achieve their dreams.  They are living proof that good things come to people who work hard in life.  They refuse to let anyone tell them they can’t do or accomplish something.  And for that, they have my undying respect.  When I think of role models in my life, these three are instantly in my thoughts.  They give me the much needed motivation I require to give it my all in life and never let anyone tell me what I want is for someone else.  Why can’t it be for me?   It will be mine.  That’s the positive attitude we all need to have.  Let the naysayers fall by the wayside.  Thanks for stopping by Mistress Clegg.  We very much enjoyed chatting with you.  Until next time… – Brian White


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