Free Comic Book Day! May 1st

May 01, 2010

Comic Book Day 2The time is ticking down as we approach yet another national Free Comic Book Day.  What is it, you might ask?  Exactly what the name states.  Well, let’s clarify that.  You don’t get to walk off with just anything off the shelf.  Publishers from the big players such as Marvel and DC all the way through the smaller press release a barrage of titles specifically meant for the first Saturday in May.  It is basically a day for the companies promote new storylines and titles in hopes of enticing readership.

Let me be the first to say don’t let ‘free’ make you think these are half-arsed comics.   Last year’s Free Comic Book Day featured some great stuff, such as issue #0 of DC’s Blackest Night, cluing the public in to what greatness was about to ensue over the next eight months with that story.  Make no mistake though, the titles released are not just for the action-seeker or mature reader.  There are issues and stories that cater to people of all ages.  A few of this year’s titles include the Iron Man/Thor teamup, War of the Supermen, Archie, and Fraggle Rock.

Many comic book stores open their doors at midnight for the fan fest (which means be there on April 30th before 11:59pm) so break out the lawn chairs and secure your place in line.  Enjoy this annual event and hang out with your fellow comic book readers!


Iron Man



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