Megan Fox and Her ‘Jonah Hex’ Costume

May 04, 2010

Jonah HexSay what you want about the young actress.  Love her or hate her.  There’s no denying her sexual appeal and just the mention of her name in a flick will have young teenage boys drooling in the ticket line and rushing to the theater on June 18th to see Jonah Hex.  Whether the comic book film sucks or not, there’s always Megan (below) in that promiscuous outfit of hers.  We had the chance to hear all about the film and screen exclusive footage at last years Comic-Con Warner Bros. panel (read all about it here).  I thought I would celebrate Megan Fox’s costume (that waist is insane) by posting the 1st trailer from the film that made its debut late last week across the web.  Enjoy! 




Megan Fox's Promiscuous 'Jonah Hex' Costume


 Jonah Hex Theatrical Poster




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