The 'Reference Status' is a rare award given only to those products that offer performance in the core competencies of a reference standard. An AV Forums Reference product is one that other products will be referenced against as it offers the highest standards in its given market sector, and is a product that is an excellent all-round performer in every way.

 When discussing the AVC-X8500H AV Amplifier, AVForums said: "This is the most technically accomplished set of features that we have ever seen"

"...the X8500 supports all the immersive audio formats but it offers a level of processing that is unheard of on a AV amplifier or receiver."

"The Setup Assistant makes installation easy and yet the speaker configurations are very flexible"

"We kicked off testing the X8500 with some two channel music because whilst that isn't necessarily its main selling point, given all the music related features that Denon have included, it is an area where an AV product needs to perform these days. Thankfully all of Denon's efforts in developing an AV amplifier where the audio performance is as important as the processing has paid off. The X8500H is a lovely sounding AV amplifier, delivering a detailed and clear front soundstage using two floor standing B&W speakers. There was good localisation of instruments within that soundstage and the mid-range and higher frequencies were well defined, whilst the bass was nicely extended within the capabilities of speakers themselves."