A Day in the Life of a Technical Trainer “BakPaking” Across America.

August 06, 2014


I am Luis Serrano, the technical trainer at Pakedge Device & Software. If you’ve ever attended a Pakedge webinar, chances are you’ve heard me speak. I’ve spent the past few weeks traveling from city to city, reaching out to dealers over the BakPak Across America tour. I want to share what it’s like to travel around and do the trainings. Here is what a training day is like in my shoes:

My alarm goes off at 7:00 a.m. After getting ready I grab the essentials, my phone, wallet, and make sure to have my room key all checked and good to go.

It’s 7:35 and I go down to the lobby to have a quick breakfast and a cup of the day’s fuel (coffee). I stroll to the conference room around 8:00 am and make sure that we have everything needed to accommodate or trainees. Water? Check. Breakfast? Check. Power strips? Check.

I take out my laptop and power it on to make sure that all the slides are correct and that it will be visible for everyone in the back of the room. Then the early birds start walking in. Game time! As 9:00 am rolls around I stay as calm and cool.

9:05 rolls around. The room is full. Now I start getting some butterflies because we are about to start.

The presentation starts. I get all kinds of questions from the basics to the more advanced. This is the part that I love because I get to see the enthusiasm of all the people who were able to attend.

I am able to see how everyone retains the information once we start doing our hands-on portion of the training. Walking around the room to make sure everyone is on the same page and is understanding what we are doing makes me feel like a conductor of an orchestra. All I can picture in my mind is Nick Phillips (our VP of Sales) and Lynn Nguyen (our event coordinator) yelling “AWESOME!” and that always brings a smile to my face.

Our session ends before I even notice, and I get a lot of positive feedback from the people who attended. This feedback is what keeps this job exciting, and what motivates me on every stop of our BakPak tour.