BakPak Cloud Management System – What If?

July 29, 2014

What if you could manage and configure an entire client network from anywhere in the world?

Now you can with the new BakPak Cloud Management System! BakPak makes the process of taking care of client networks simple.

Power Control

BakPak gives dealers a totally new way to look at their clients’ networks. You can quickly view the network health of every network managed, all devices on that network, how they connect, and even look at their uptime, IP address, MAC address, and other important information – making it the most useful diagnostic tool you have.

But that’s not the most exciting thing. With BakPak, you can directly access the configuration menu of any device connected to a client’s network – even non-Pakedge devices. This allows you to configure and troubleshoot any device on a network without being on-site.

BakPak Dashboard

What if you could receive alerts directly to your phone immediately when problems arise on client networks?

The BakPak Cloud Management System actively monitors client networks so you don’t have to. Whenever problems happen – let’s say a touch panel freezes, an access point goes down, or even an entire internet connection drops out – BakPak sends an alert directly to your phone in real time.

Alerts can be configured for any device on the network, and are sent through e-mail, SMS, or direct from the application.


Allowing you to log directly into the device powering our problem access point, reboot it, and watch as the network’s problem is solved before the client even notices.

What if you could turn this into a managed service, charging customers a monthly subscription for network monitoring and management?

BakPak gives you the tools you need to do more than reduce your own workload and eliminate on-site visits. With BakPak, you’re providing clients the peace of mind of a fully-monitored network – a service that’s valuable to them, and valuable to you.