July Webinar: BakPak 3.0 Revolutionizing Remote Management

July 09, 2015

BakPak 3.0 – Revolutionizing Remote Management

Learn how to use BakPak® and how to grow your business by offering remote managed services.

First, we will walk you through the new features and functions in BakPak 3.0 and teach you how to use them. Then we will review the tiers of service and how they can be used as models for earning recurring revenue.

During the function review will walk you through automated network mapping, 3rd party device integration, disaster recovery features, and control systems management and more.



Tuesday,  July 21st

7:00 AM Pacific Time

(San Francisco, GMT-07:00)

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Thursday, July 23rd

9:00 AM Pacific Time

(San Francisco, GMT-07:00)

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Can’t make it? No problem.
We record all our webinars. Links to the recordings are made available  within a day or two of our live sessions. Just email sales@pakedge.com for the link.


BakPak 3.0 – Live Monday!


Full Premier level access, FREE until Sept. 30th


Automated Troubleshooting, Control System Management, and More!

With the BakPak® Cloud Management System, users and integrators alike can rest assured that their networks are always secure and performing at peak. BakPak® takes the guesswork and headaches out of network maintenance by empowering integrators with remote monitoring, auto-healing, auto-mapping, auto-firmware updates, auto-configuration, back-up and restore functionality and Triplex – a built-in trouble shooting algorithm.


Grow Your Business with Managed Services and Bakpak.

BakPak® was designed to reduce labor costs by simplifying network setup and management while allowing technology integrators grow their businesses by offering managed services. Our new tiered service levels – Basic, Advanced, and Premier – will allow you to offer your customers peace of mind with remote managed services and allow you to collect recurring service fees.

While Pakedge does it’s best to make sure that we offer some the best profit margins in the industry we understand that can be difficult with other manufacturers. We believe that the AV industry needs to shake the bad habit of under valuing their services and we’re not the only ones – industry writers and experts all agree that recurring revenue and managed services are essential for business growth. BakPak® 3.0 just makes it easy.


You Get to Try BakPak® 3.0 Premier for FREE.

We are so excited and proud to be launching the new revamped BakPak® 3.0 that in order to properly celebrate its release we are inviting all our dealers to test drive BakPak® Premier absolutely FREE until September 30th, 2015. That means when you login after June 13th you will have complete access to a whole new suite of features. Between then and Sept, 30th you will be able to experiment with all the new features so that you will be better able to choose which service best suits your needs. The Basic service will be FREE and require no subscription, while Advanced and Premier levels of service will be offered as subscriptions for a very modest price that can easily be passed on to your customers. In fact, if you decide that you want to continue using the Advanced or Premier functions after the free trial ends, we will be happy to welcome you with a special discount off your first year subscription.