New Pakedge PowerPak PDUs

April 18, 2017

Surge Protected, PowerPak PDUs

PowerPak provides centralized power control, with management for individual outlets, for all of the critical equipment in an A/V and home automation rack. Power control is the first-line of defense in bringing a system or device back online. Surge protected and BakPak-enabled, the Pakedge PowerPak series PDUs are purposefully designed for Connected Homes and allow dealers to have even greater insight and control over a customer’s Connected Home.

Every home with a rack should have a PowerPak PDU. It will save you and your customers both time and money.

With Pakedge PowerPak PDUs:

  • Surge protection is included, protecting devices connected to PowerPak
  • Thresholds can be set on each port, sending alerts to technicians if an outlet is drawing too much or too little voltage or current.
  • Power sequencing is configurable, including the order the ports power on and the delay between the next port to power on.
  • Cloud firmware is remotely updatable so your devices are always up to date.
  • Connected devices can be managed as groups for efficiency or individually and port-by-port with named outlets for specificity.
  • Can self-heal with automated and configurable ping and reboots protocols that have locked up.
  • Ports can be assigned daily schedules for ultimate convenience, security, and energy saving.
  • Control4 driver and SDDP integration makes it simple to add a PowerPak PDU to any Control4 project.


PowerPak 9 — 100-120v (NEMA Outlets for N.America and other)

PowerPak 8I — 100-240v (IEC Outlets for international)