Pakedge Custom Engineering

April 28, 2015

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This week, we announced an industry first – the launch of the Pakedge Custom Engineering program. Starting with our new RE-Series routers and upcoming WK wireless access points, this program gives system integrators and dealers the opportunity to create a custom network device that is unique to them and embeds their “tried and true” configurations into the unit’s firmware.

In addition, these customized units are co-branded with Pakedge—the integrator’s logo will be visible from the device interface (GUI) and on the serial number label.

Why are we doing this?

No two custom projects are exactly alike – they have unique customer requirements, unique solutions, and unique implementations – united only by the system integrator’s experience and expertise. Our customers demand high performance, sophisticated and leading-edge solutions to meet their needs. Their projects are like the Formula One race cars of the A/V world: they require deep design expertise, specialized technical knowledge and an extensive understanding of systems integration.

Yet, the lack of qualified installers, technicians and system engineers that possess this expertise limits our industry’s ability to grow and scale.

Recently, a series of articles appeared in an industry publication blog. These articles examined why our industry lacks the ability to scale. Many reasons were provided, including a relationship based go-to-market business model, the lack of business standardization and commoditization of specialized offerings by mass market competitors. The reality is that our market is manpower-intensive, much like the management consulting paradigm. The more consultants you have, the more you are able to take on projects and scale. This may not be terribly efficient, but it’s no wonder consultancies spend a lot of time recruiting, training and developing new talent to “feed the machine.”

But… what if you could clone the knowledge of the system integrator and apply it to a hundred projects at once?

Each of our dealer/system integrators has a unique expertise specific to individual project types, but what if you could bottle those best practices and experiences? What if our programmers could code that knowledge into the software itself and create a co-brand for our dealers while we’re at it?

This is the reason we launched the Pakedge Custom Engineering program.

Not every customer has a need for and can afford a custom project, but every customer has a need for a high performance solution. Every customer has a need for a solution that works flawlessly and reliably. Every customer needs a solution that meets their budget. Scaling is about efficiency, synergy and leveraging scales of economy and infrastructure to reach as many customers as you can. The Pakedge Custom Engineering is intended to help our dealers scale their business a little more, extending their market reach to new customers more efficiently and effectively while still gaining a profit.

Pakedge has a tradition of technology innovation leadership in the A/V industry. Today, with the launch of Pakedge Custom Engineering, we begin our path towards business innovation leadership.

What are integrators saying?

“I like to prebuild and preconfigure racks before delivering them to the client and with Pakedge’s new custom firmware, it makes plug and play even easier for my team. Not all of them understand networking but they do all understand connections so now anyone can do it. Having a set firmware along with look and feel, will make closing projects quicker and easier,” said Todd Puma, owner of The Source Home Theater and popular AV blogger.

“When I heard about the new custom firmware Pakedge is now offering stopped me dead in my tracks. What sets Pakedge apart from other networking companies is that they listen to the integrator,” added Puma.