The Pakedge Easy-Delivery Service

October 03, 2014

Fantastic news for Canadian resellers…

You will no longer be charged with brokerage and duty fees when ordering from Pakedge!

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Previously, all Canadian Pakedge resellers had to pay a brokerage and duty fee when receiving their shipped equipment from the United States. Now under the Pakedge Easy-Delivery Service, Canadian resellers can experience the seamless process of a quick and easy product delivery.

The three advantages of the Pakedge Easy-Delivery Service:
1. Financial advantage – Save money from waived fees.
2. Convenience – No more waiting around for the UPS truck to arrive just to pay a brokerage fee.
3. Faster delivery – We can’t make any promises, but there is a chance your package can arrive a day earlier!

Any purchases made on the Pakedge E-store after September 29th will receive the full benefits of the Pakedge Easy-Delivery Service.