September 29, 2018

沒有比《死侍》更幽默的漫畫英雄電影!上集叫好叫座,第二集更教人期待。這次繼續瘋狂、暴力、啜核抵死,並且有上集「彩蛋」已預告會登場的「機堡」(Cable)登場,由奧斯卡提名演員Josh Brolin飾演,吸引力大增。新一集講死侍為了拯救一名肥仔細路,找來一眾老友組成「變種部隊」,齊齊出動對抗機堡,過程十分緊張刺激。當然,笑料亦更加密集。千萬別以為「笑片」就沒有突出的音響效果,《死侍 2》一樣有很多大場面,建議大家選擇在 Festival Grand 的貴賓影廳觀看,Bowers & Wilkins的音響設備肯定會令你看得更加投入,笑也笑得更開懷。 Superhero movies don’t come much funnier than Deadpool. Following the success of the 2016 mega hit, Deadpool 2 arrives amidst high expectations, and lives up to the hype. Apart from the cheeky humor, the violence, and all the swearing that its predecessor is known for, the sequel also features a new character, Cable, played by Oscar-nominated actor Josh Brolin. The story, which follows Deadpool’s quest to save a young mutant, Firefist, and the formation of the X-Force, is filled with nail-biting twists and laugh-out-loud moments. But make no mistake. Just because it’s a comedy, it doesn’t mean Deadpool 2 isn’t serious about its sound effects. To fully enjoy this action-packed romp, watch it at the BEA Festival Suite at Festival Grand, and let the Bowers & Wilkins sound system give you a more immersive viewing experience and bigger laughs.